Tasty recipes and a meal planning guide to make it easy to boost protein and achieve blood sugar goals.

Balancing blood sugar and hormones is vital on a plant-based diet with higher carbohydrates from protein-rich plants like beans, grains, and lentils, crucial for muscle health.

Adjusting insulin is key for effective blood sugar management, and these recipes will help you navigate the process.

Included in this guide:

  • 27 Delicious Recipes: Low glycemic and vegan options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies, and dessert.
  • Meal Planning Template
  • Meal prep guide
  • Create your own grocery list.
  • Nutritional info and carb count per serving
  • Tips on shopping and cooking for easy leftovers
  • Learn how to combine food for balanced blood sugar.
  • Save time in the kitchen.
  • Daily support from health coach Melissa Slemp "Who gets you", inside our private Honey Health Diabetes App.

Jumpstart your journey to delicious foods and gain confidence in managing diabetes with bone-building protein for improved insulin sensitivity.